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Disasters: Livestock



Animal Biosecurity

Avian Influenza
Information pertaining to the disease, frequently asked questions and expert advice. (Source: Purdue EDEN)

National Biosecurity Resource Center for Animal Health Enterprises
This site is a data haven to enable government, commodity groups, veterinarians, and producers to meet the challenges of animal health emergencies. (Source: Purdue Veterinary Medicine)

National Animal Identification System
Staff from Purdue Extension and the Indiana State Board of Animal Health provide an update and explanation of the Indiana Premise ID and Animal ID plans via IP video.

Animal Disease Backgrounder: Mad Cow Disease
This backgrounder provides detailed information on the outbreak of Mad Cow Disease in the United States. (Source: Purdue Extension)

EDEN's Issue Page on BSE - Mad Cow Disease
This page provides valuable information regarding the outbreak of BSE in the United States, the risk to humans, and the federal initiatives to combat this disease. (Source: EDEN)

Indiana Wildlife Disease News
This quarterly newsletter informs readers about the latest in wildlife disease. (Source: USDA APHIS Wildlife Services and Indiana DNR division of Fish and Wildlife)

Carcass Disposal: a Comprehensive Review
(Source: Kansas State University, Purdue University, and Texas A&M University)

Indiana Board of Animal Health Information

IBOAH - Newsroom

Bovine Tuberculosis

In a disaster situation (natural or man-made), pets are not allowed inside emergency shelters for people. For that reason, animal owners must have a plan in place to care for their pets and/or livestock should a disaster hit home.

Preparing Animals for Future Disasters

SAVE Program
The SAVE (State Annex for Veterinary Emergencies) Program is comprised of state, federal and private animal health and care experts and others who are willing to respond to meet the needs of animals and their owners in governor-declared disaster situations. (Source: Indiana State Board of Animal Health)

Information for Pet Owners (Source: FEMA)

Are You Prepared? (PDF: 41 KB)
Creating an evacuation plan that accounts for your dog. (Source: American Kennel Club)

West Nile Virus

Indiana Horse Tests Positive for West Nile Virus (Word)
November 1, 2001 News Release

Fight the Bite!
Information on the West Nile Virus prevention for humans. (Source: Center for Disease Control)