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Mold: Additional Tools

Mold: Additional Tools


Home Moisture Problems (PDF: 722 KB)
(Source: Oregon State University, Extension Service, February 1995)

Healthy Indoor Air for America's Homes
Question and Answer: eliminate molds, excess moisture and other biological pollutants.

Mold Remediation Wheel (PDF: 549 KB)
(Source: Rhode Island Department of Health)

EPA on Mold

National Association of Realtors on Mold

Mold Resource Center
What is mold, testing and risk assessment, prevention, control and cleanup. (Source: National Association of Home Builders)

Mold: Cause, Effect and Response Booklet

U.S. Department of Housing
Cleanup and mold prevention, links to federal resources


Building Science

Controlling Moisture on Concrete Floors (PDF: 130 KB)
Moisture barriers, control joints, insulating and sealing concrete. (Source: Iowa State University Extension, March 1994)

Minimizing Moisture Problems in New Houses (PDF: 239 KB)
Preservative treated wood, foundations, exterior siding, interior surfaces, window and exterior doors, roof, attics, porches, decks and stairs. (Source: Iowa State University Extension, April 1994)

Paint Problems on Exterior Wood (PDF: 452 KB)
Moisture blistering and peeling, mildew discoloration. (Source: Iowa State University Extension, January 1994)


Other Resources

Cooperative Extension's Role in Mold and Moisture Education

North Dakota State University Extension Service
A website that educates homeowners and others on moisture-related topics.

Video: Controlling Mold Growth in the Home
Describes the conditions that promote mold growth in the home and shows how to clean mold growing on hard surfaces and well as textiles. (Source: Kansas State University Extension, January 1996)



Mold Exposure House Bill No. 1068 in 2005

Mold Legislation Continues to Sweep the Nation (PDF 308 KB)