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Disasters: Tornadoes

2013 Statewide Tornadoes and Storms
General Tornado Information

Tornado Background (PDF: 65 KB)
Emergency information, danger zones and the Fujita Scale. (Source: Purdue Extension)

Tornado Safety Tips (PDF: 66 KB)
What to do before, during, and after a tornado occurs. (Source: Purdue Extension)

FEMA on Tornadoes


Planning & Preparation

Are You Ready for a Tornado (PDF: 160 KB)
(Source: American Red Cross)​

How to Make a Disaster Supplies Kit
A guide on how to make a collection of basic items that a household may need in the event of a disaster. (Source: FEMA)

Taking Shelter from the Storm: Building a Safe Room Inside Your House
A guide to planning your shelter from a storm. (Source: FEMA)

Good planning can help recover from tornado, wind damage (PDF: 64 KB)
Questions to consider when making long-term decisions after a tornado. (Source: University of Minnesota)

American Red Cross: Shelter View
When a disaster strikes know when and where shelters have been opened to provide assistance. Download this mobile app to find a shelter near you. (Source: American Red Cross)
On the iTunes App Store: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.



Chain Saw Safety (Source: University of Arkansas Extension)
Think before rushing to clean up trees and shrubs after the storm, check your Chain Saw Safety (PDF) first.

Storms and Trees
Ice and windstorms take a toll on trees, utility wires, and homes every year. Reducing storm damage can be done through a few easy steps: planning, proper pruning and preventing root damage. (Source: Purdue Extension)

Wind-damaged structures and trees (PDF: 64 KB)
Assessing and dealing with structures suffering from wind damage. (Source: University of Minnesota)

Money and Crisis (PDF: 65 KB)
Dealing with money matters, tornado-related insurance claims, and contractors. (Source: University of Minnesota)

Appropriate Clean-up Attire: Safety First (PDF: 73 KB)
The most important aspect of tornado clean-up work is dressing safely. (Source: University of Minnesota)

Home Maintenance and Repair
Steps for home owners to take during home repair and cleanup. The site provides specific cleaning tips for all types of situations. (Source: Michigan State University)

Children as Victims of Natural Disasters (PDF: 279 KB) 
(Source: Purdue Extension)


Cleaning Up Farm Debris

After Storm Debris...Health Risk for Cattle (Southern Farm Press, authored by OK State Extension)

Insulation and Plastic from Tornados May Not Mix Well with Livestock (News, from Bob Schultheis, MO)

Pasture Cleanup of Small Debris (Draft, PDF: 684 KB)


How to help in the recovery process?

INVOAD - Help Indiana Recovery from Tornado Damage

211 Information and Referral Search


Disaster Resources in other states

Illinois (Source: Illinois Extension)

Michigan (Source: MSU Extension)

Ohio (Source: Ohio State Extension)


Tornado Safety for Kids

FEMA for Kids: Tornadoes
Interactive and educational activities for youth, such as videos, coloring books, Tornado Disaster Math and Disaster Intensity Scales. (Source: FEMA)

Billy and Maria Learn About Tornado Safety (Source: NOAA)