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  • Coping with the Stress of Natural Disasters offers coping tips for dealing with stress following a disaster, and information for contacting a mental health professional.​
  • Coping with Disaster discusses the responses an individual may have to a stressful situation, and information for contacting a mental health professional.
  • Coping with Stress Checklist​ suggests activities that can help reduce stressful situations, and information for contacting a mental health professional.​
  • Purple Wagon​ offers resources for helping children, teens, and families cope with stress.
  • When Your Income Drops: Set Priorities for Spending can help you develop a spending plan by using the worksheets provided to figure your monthly income and monthly expenses.
  • When Your Income Drops:​ Take Stock of Community Resources includes worksheets that total your monthly income and expenses. 
  • When Your Income Drops: Control Stress offers advice on managing your well-being, monitoring stress, and knowing when to get help and where to find help when going through a stressful financial situation.
  • Managing Tough Times​ – Managing in Times of Financial Stress reviews how to manage income, cash flow, liabilities and ​
  • Managing To​ugh Times – Family Finances provides some suggestions for helping you direct your financial affairs and make informed decisions.
  • assets.