​Homeowners: Make sure house is dried out before repairing

​WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Homeowners wanting to repair their flood-damaged home should wait until the wood and other materials dry out enough so they don't cause more problems later, such as with mold, a Purdue Extension disaster education specialist says.

Renovating too soon could trap moisture in wood, leading to rotting and promoting growth of mold, noted Steve Cain, who said it could take weeks to dry out a house to the point where repairs can be made.
Submerged wood can absorb a large amount of water. If enough moisture is trapped in the wood, mold is likely to grow behind walls and may cause serious health problems in the near or long term for people who live in the house.
"With the duration of the rains this year, people are anxious to rebuild the areas of their home that were flooded," he said. "But they need to step back and make sure the home is dry enough to rebuild."

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