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Alpha Lambda Chapter, Epsilon Sigma Phi – By Laws
(Revised 10/75, 10/86, 10/90, 10/93, 12/95, 8/96, 12/97, 8/98, 8/99, 8/00, 10/01, 10/03, 10/04, 10/05, 4/07, 10/07, 11/16)

Article I: Duties of Officers

Section A The President shall preside at all meetings of the organization and shall perform the duties usually incumbent upon an executive officer.

Section B The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in the president's absence and shall serve as chairman of the Legislative Liaison Committee.

Section C The Secretary shall:

1.    Keep all minutes and records of official business of the organization;

2.    Serve as a member of the Executive Committee.

Section D The Treasurer shall:

1.    Receive all initiation fees, dues, and assessments.

2.    Pay all bills.

3.    Keep an accurate account of all receipts and expenditures.

4.    Make an annual report subject to an annual audit according to the fiscal year which begins January 1 and ends December 31.

5.    Serve as a member of the Executive Committee.

Section E The Annalist shall:

1.    Serve as an advisor to the Annual Meeting, Awards & Recognition, Legislative Liaison, Marketing/Public Relations, and Nominating & Retirees Committees.

2.    Furnish necessary transfer information for members who transfer to other chapters and obtain transfer information for members who transfer from other chapters.

3.    Research tenure awards and assist the Membership and Initiation Committee in identifying potential members.


Article II: Election of Officers

Section A All officers shall be Annual or Life members.

Section B All officers shall serve until their successors are elected and installed.

Section C The Secretary shall be elected from the field staff for three succeeding years followed by election from campus staff for one year, so that the office of secretary is rotated in proportion to the number of field and campus Epsilon Sigma Phi members. The Secretary may also be a retired Annual or Life member.

Section D The Treasurer shall be elected for a term of three years. The Treasurer can serve no more than two consecutive terms. If a vacancy occurs, a replacement will be appointed by the Executive Committee to complete the remainder of the term.

Section E The Secretary and Treasurer (when applicable) shall be elected at the Business meeting conducted at the annual Professional Staff Development Conference.

Section F The succession to office shall be the secretary shall become vice president, the vice president shall become president. The new nominee will be for the office of secretary. Any officer in line of succession at the time of the adoption of this constitution and by-lays will be eligible to complete the succession.

Section G In case of vacancy, by death, resignation, or other cause, that should occur with the secretary, it shall be filled by election from the membership at the next meeting of the chapter. Should the vacancy occur in any office other than the secretary, namely the president or vice president, the office shall be filled by advancement of the officers according to the established procedure.

Section H The Director of the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service shall appoint the Annalist. The term of office for the Annalist will be three years. The Annalist shall be an annual member of the Alpha Lambda Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi and can serve no more than two consecutive three-year terms.


Article III: Executive Committee Membership/Duties

Section A Membership - shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Annalist, and the immediate Past President.

Section B Duties shall be:

1.    Prepare an annual budget;

2.    Appoint the standing committees;

3.    Appoint and/or dismiss temporary committees;

4.    Act in emergency matters consistent with the Constitution and By-Laws.



Article IV: Standing Committees and Their Duties

Section A Committee Selection:

1.    Standing Committees shall be:  Annual Meeting, Audit, Awards and Recognition, Constitution and By-Laws, Global, Legislative Liaison, Marketing/Public Relations, Membership and Initiation, Nominating and Retirees.

2.    After being notified through the annual newsletter which contains committee preference options, members are asked to specify committee preference when remitting their dues. The secretary organizes committee preferences, by district, prior to the board meeting at which committee members are appointed. The secretary maintains a record of committee membership.

3.    Committee members are appointed to a one year term. Terms become two years if a member is appointed vice-chair the first year. Committee members may serve more than one term.

4.    The Annual Meeting, Awards & Recognition, Global, Marketing/Public Relations and Membership and Initiation Committees have representation from each Extension District, one Specialist and one Retiree if possible.

Section B Annual Meeting Committee - responsible to plan the agenda and to host the annual dinner and program.

Section C Audit Committee - responsible to audit the treasurer's books.

1.    Attest to their accuracy and completeness for the past fiscal year;

2.    Make a report to the membership;

3.    Report recommendations for improvements to enhance efficiency and future accountability.

Section D Awards and Recognition Committee - responsible for the chapter’s participation in all state, regional, and national award and recognition programs.

1.    Searches records and identifies members who have completed 25 years of professional service in Extension since the last annual meeting;

2.    Determines who among the members has retired from Extension work since the last annual meeting and plans an appropriate recognition program at the annual meeting, including purchase and presentation of gifts and written summaries for use in program booklets;

3.    Determines county and campus based clerical workers who have completed 10 years and each succeeding 5 year increment thereafter of service and provide a framed certificate of recognition for presentation at an appropriate county or campus staff function;

4.    Submits applications for the ESP Chapter Merit and Achievement in Membership Recognition programs, whenever appropriate.

5.    Recommend new awards and procedures for identifying recipients;

6.    Send letter of congratulations to all winners of awards;

7.    Prepare appropriate articles for state and national newsletters regarding award recipients.

Section F Constitution and By-Laws Committee - responsible to study the National and Chapter Constitution, By-Laws, officer, and committee guidelines to insure proper procedures and policies are being followed.

1.    Suggest appropriate revisions to the membership;

2.    Handles necessary matters to bring about a vote.

Section G Global Committee - responsible to study ways members can support the Global Mission of the Cooperative Extension Service.

1.    Includes, but is not limited to, keeping members updated as to who is or has served in foreign assignments;

2.    Recommends recognition of members for their significant contribution in the international field;

3.    Provides suggestions to enhance international programming abroad as well as within the state;

4.    Prepares appropriate articles for state and national newsletters.

Section H Legislative Liaison Committee - responsible to determine matters of common concern and interest to all segments of the Extension family.

1.    Comprised of two representatives each from Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialists Association, Extension Administration, Extension Educators Association, and Epsilon Sigma Phi, one of which shall be the Vice President.

2.    The Vice President of Epsilon Sigma Phi shall serve as committee chairman.

3.    Shall determine how each Extension group can contribute to those common concerns and mutual interests;

4.    Help each Extension representative to convey recommendations to their respective organization for understanding and appropriate action;

5.    Keep membership aware of legislative acting programs and needs pertinent to Extension faculty welfare, and take action as appropriate regarding such legislation;

6.    Keep abreast of changes in state and federal retirement/benefit programs and proposed changes then make recommendations to membership.

Section I Marketing/Public Relations Committee - responsible for providing events to enhance Epsilon Sigma Phi membership.

1.    Coordinate plans for State Fair Extension Family picnic in cooperation with the Retirees Committee;

2.    Conduct annual Epsilon Sigma Phi auction;

3.    Promote an effective working relationship and a spirit of fellowship between ESP and all Extension staff;

4.    Encourage planned professional self-development among members;

5.    Promote and foster professional improvement through collaboration with professional organizations to which Extension faculty belong.

Section J Membership and Initiation Committee - responsible to determine eligible candidates for membership and to conduct an appropriate initiation of new members at the annual meeting.

1.    Contact CES Personnel Office for list of eligible candidates (5 years of Extension experience) - (May);

2.    Provide list to Epsilon Sigma Phi Membership chair – (June);

3.    Membership chair will send all candidates an official invitation for membership to include a deadline for responding and information on dues and instructions that they are to be paid when they respond;

4.    Contact co-worker or friends of initiate to identify a sponsor to introduce the initiate at the annual banquet - August);

5.    Check with the Personnel Office secretary on plaques which will be presented to each new member at initiation - September);

6.    Send letters to sponsors to inform them of their duties - (September);

7.    Committee will plan and conduct the formal initiation to be held during the ESP Annual meeting held during Professional Staff Development Conference;

8.    Send a congratulatory letter to each new member (this letter may be combined with the letter about the annual banquet/initiation and membership dues).

9.    Inform new retirees of the retiree membership options.

Section K Nominating Committee - responsible to prepare a slate of qualified members as officers and to present the slate at the annual meeting.

Section L Retirees Committee - The mission of this committee, representing Indiana Extension Educators Association, Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialists Association, and Epsilon Sigma Phi, working through the organizations and with the Purdue University Extension Administration, is to create a mechanism and provide a means for recognition and information exchange to and from the retired members of the three organizations.

Committee Structure - This committee shall consist of Retired Extension staff and 1 – 2 current staff who are members of Epsilon Sigma Phi. The Retirees Committee will be governed under the by-laws of Epsilon Sigma Phi.

Functions of the Committee - The functions of the committee are to be reviewed and changed in accordance with the needs and the desires of the three organizations working through the officers of Epsilon Sigma Phi. The major functions of the committee are:

1.    To provide information to retirees through Extension communication and other information and communication outlets;

2.    To assist in providing educational and social opportunities for retirees;

3.    To provide an opportunity for all members to develop camaraderie through special programs, social events, and retirement benefit information.

4.    Alpha Lambda chapter is the fiscal agent of the Purdue Extension retiree funds. The chairperson of the Retirees Committee will inform the chapter’s treasurer of the names of those who have permission to spend money from the retiree account (such as the chairs of the spring and fall flings and newsletter editor).  The chairperson will also provide information to the chapter’s Executive Committee, when requested, to support that committee’s budgeting responsibilities and to the chapter’s Treasurer and Audit Committee, when requested, to support their annual reporting and auditing functions.

5.    The committee is encouraged to pursue additional funding to be used for retiree activities, such as the Hansen Award from Purdue University.

Section L – Standing Committees may be assigned additional responsibilities by the Executive Committee.

Article V: Dues

Each member shall pay dues to the State Treasurer as follows:

1.    Annual Dues: The Executive Committee shall annually determine the amount of dues needed for the ESP - Alpha Lambda Chapter. Any change in this amount from the previous year shall be approved at any regular meeting before becoming effective.

2.    Life Members’ Dues: Retirees from Purdue Cooperative Extension Service, who are current Annual members, may obtain a paid-up life membership by paying an amount equal to five times the national annual dues.

3.    Annual Members’ Dues: (annually) As determined by the Executive Board:

1.      If postmarked by October 1 (early bird),

2.      $5.00 late fee if postmarked between October 2 and November 1,

3.      $15.00 late fee if postmarked after November 1.


Article VI: Parliamentary Authority

In all matters not covered by the Constitution and By-laws, the organization shall be governed by the Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedures.


Article VII: Amendments

These By-Laws may be amended at any annual or special meeting by a simple majority vote of the members present, providing members were mailed suggested changes thirty days prior to the meeting.​