Information about Rain Barrels


You can use water collected in rain barrels to water your vegetables, lawn, and flowers while reducing your utility bills. Depending on your house and yard size, you can collect a significant amount of rainfall using your rain barrels. Estimates indicate during a one inch rain event, one downspout delivers 12 gallons of water per minute and that one rain barrel will save 1,300 gallons of water throughout the year. With rising municipal water rates and increasing drought concerns throughout the region, harvesting your own water through rain barrels is becoming more and more important and appealing.

Rain water collection in barrels or other vessels is an ancient and traditional practice that is both efficient and economical. Rain barrels do more than save money--they can help protect the environment. Every time it rains, water gushes from your downspouts across your lawn into local streets picking up pesticides, sediment, and nutrients before flowing into local storm drains. Once in the storm drain system, polluted runoff is carried directly to the Blue River. Installation of a rain barrel can reduce the flow of polluted runoff from your property during the first flush of rain. The more water you retain on site, the less water flows across the land surface resulting in less sediment and nutrient polluted runoff flowing directly into the Blue River.