Options for Homeowners

Native PlantsPervious PavementRain Barrel 

As a resident in the Blue River area, you can do a number of things around your home to improve water quality.
The short descriptions below link to longer explanations and information​ about local resources and suppliers. All of these items will help the hellbender.

Rain barrel

Rain Barrels
Rain barrels harvest rain water from your roof and downspouts.


Rain garden

Rain Garden
Rain gardens are shallow depressions in your yard planted with native plants that like to have their feet (roots) wet.




Green Roof

A green roof is a building roof partially or fully covered with vegetation planted in a growth medium over a waterproof membrane.


Pervious Pavement
Pervious Pavement
Pavement that drinks water – concrete, asphalt, grid pavers, and modular block that allows water to move through the paved surface to the groundwater table below while still serving as a paved surface.

 Native plants 
Native Plants
Native plants are those plants which originated in a particular area. For the Blue River area, native plants are ones that are adapted to the forested, floodplain, and karst areas which occurred within this region prior to settlement.

Native Trees
Native trees are those trees that originated in this region and are therefore adapted to conditions present in our community.


Bioswales are open, vegetated channels planted with grasses, flowers, shrubs, and trees.

 Certified Wildlife Habitat
Backyard Wildlife Habitat
A garden, balcony, backyard, or any habitat that attracts wildlife and restores habitat in residential and commercial locations.