Resources for Educators
(powerpoints, handouts, forms)

Regulatory Topics

Using Herbicide Classification Chart (43 slides)
           Poster of Chart​ pdf

Paraquat Poisoning​ (REV. 3-15; 16 slides)

Post Harvest Sanitizers (30 slides)
Approved Sanitizers handout (PDF)
Authors: Amanda Deering, Liz Maynard

Manure Handling Near Produce Farms (29 slides)
Authors: Liz Maynard, Scott Monroe

Fertilizer Application Regulations (47 slides)
      Fertilizer Regulation Handout

Fertilizer Certification (16 slides)

Private Applicator Record Keeping​ (23 slides)
Includes both RUP and Manure required record keeping​ 

Mini Bulk Rules ​(20 slides)

Drift Watch Crop Registry (19 slides)

​Companion publications:

 Watch out for Grapes DW-10-W   

Watch Out for: Pesticide Drift and Organic Production​ DW-1-W

​Protecting Honeybees from Pesticides E-53-W

Clean Sweep-Pesticide Disposal (7 slides)

       Prevent Glugging (wmv video)

Well Contamination (27 slides)

Atrazine and Water Quality (44 slides)

Bulk Storage (43 slides)

Personal Protective Equipment   (30 slides)

Pesticide Jeopardy (33 slides)​

Drift (45 slides)


 Non-Regulatory PARP Topics

Useful to Usable U2U Corn Split N Applicator Decision Support Tool
Author: Hans Schmitz

PowerPoint  (32 slides)

Overview (4 pages) REV 10 2015

User Guide​ (6 pages) REV 20 2015

Aquatic Plant Control (24 slides)

Category 14 Certification Training Master (110 slides)​

Forms and Info

Commercial Certification for Extension Educators:

Private Applicator Application Form (pdf)

PARP Fee Remittance PARP-2 (pdf)

PARP Attendance Form PARP-1 (pdf)

PARP Attendance SS# Form (.doc)

PARP Card Label (ppt)

PARP Program Approval​ (word.doc)

 Webinar 11-18-14​​
Navigating PARP website​ and DriftWatch revisited 



































​ ​​​​​​​​​TakeAction_HerbicideClass_Chart_Poster_FNL_HR112-2014.pdf​PU_CES_slide_Paraquat_Poisoning.pptx​​​​

What's New:

PARP Program Slide
to display during PARP meetings

PARP Update
from 2015 ANR Retreat (29 slides)

N​ew Regulatory Topics:

Bee Aware​37 slides   NEW
Precision Ag​ 27 slides NEW