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Executive Council

The PUCESA Executive Council is made up of five executives and representatives from each department with PUCESA members. The council meets the first Monday of every month from September to May.

Council members also serve on the PUCESA committees:

  • Nominating
  • Auditing
  • Membership
  • Awards
  • Professional Development

Contact your department representative to join PUCESA, or provide feedback or suggestions.

The current PUCESA officers and Executive Council members are:


Barb Beaulieu (HHS)


  • Presides at all Executive Council and membership meetings.
  • Appoints committees and delegates responsibilities.

President Elect

Kyle Daniel (HLA)


  • Presides over meetings in the absence of the president.
  • Publishes a newsletter at least once per year.
  • Chairs any ad hoc committees.

Past President

Kara Stewart (Animal Science)


  • Assists the president with past PUCESA issues and provides guidance with current PUCESA issues.


Hui-Hui Wang (Youth Development and Agriculture Education)​


  • Chairs the membership committee.
  • Maintains the membership list and all fiscal records.
  • Submits financial records to the audit committee and reports financial status at each meeting.


Katie Barnett (Food Science)


  • Records and distributes minutes of all executive and membership meetings.
  • Distributes notice of all called executive meetings.
  • Serves as corresponding secretary.

Executive Council Members

Barb Beaulieu (Health and Human Sciences)

Kyle Daniel (Horticulture and Landscape Architecture)​

Krista Farthing (Cooperative Extension Service)

Arin Wiedner (4-H)

Cliff Sadof (Entomology)

Melinda Grismer (Purdue Center for Regional Development)

Joe Ikley (Botany and Plant Pathology)

Crystal Dombkowski (AgIT)

Katie Barnett (Food Science)

Lindsey Purcell (Forestry and Natural Resources)

Jeff Rollins (Agriculture Communication)

Kara Stewart (Animal Sciences)

Jonathan Townsend (Veterinary Medicine) 

Hui-Hui Wang (Youth Development and Agricultural Education)

Renee Wiatt (Agriculture Economics)

Klein Ileleji (Ag and Biological Engineering)

Jason Ackerson (Agronomy)