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Bioenergy involves the use of plant materials such as grains and energy crops for the production of renewable fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel. Also among this category is animal waste utilized for energy production through biogas. Bioenergy resources contribute to reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil and petroleum-based fuel. Purdue Agriculture researchers are hard at work on these issues. The publications within this site will take you to information about their work.

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BioEnergy Publications - Liquids​

Field to Flight: A Techno-Economic Analysis of the Corn Stover to Aviation Biofuels Supply Chain

(RE-8-W) Author(s): Wallace Tyner, Amanda Bittner and Xin Zhao

Synergies Between Cover Crops and Corn Stover Removal

Livestock Manure Anaerobic Digester(RE-7-W) Author(s): ​Wallace Tyner, David Muth, Eileen Kladivko, Michelle Pratt

How Ethanol Is Made from Corn

(​ID-328) (PDF) Authors(s): Nathan S. Mosier and Klein lleleji

The Effect of Ethanol on Grain Transportation and Storage

(ID-329) (PDF) Author(s): Frank Dooley

Cellulosic Ethanol - Biofuel Beyond Corn

(ID-335) (PDF) Author(s): Nathan S. Mosier

Meeting the Ethanol Demand: Consequences and Compromises Associated with More Corn on Corn in Indiana

(ID-336) (PDF) Author(s): Tony J. Vyn

What Is Biodiesel?

(ID-337) (PDF) Author(s): Shawn P. Conley

Biodiesel Quality: Is All Biodiesel Created Equal?

(ID-338) (PDF) Author(s): Shawn P. Conley

Economics of Ethanol

(ID-339) (PDF)​ Author(s): Chris Hurt, Wally Tyner and Otto Doering

Ethanol and Energy Policy

(ID-340) (PDF) Author(s): Otto Doering

Is Biodiesel as Attractive an Economic Alternative as Ethanol?

(ID-341) (PDF) Author(s): Allan Gray

U.S. Ethanol Policy - Possibilities for the Future

(ID-342-W) (PDF) Author(s): Wallace E.Tyner

Biofuels and Their Impact on Food Prices

(ID-346-W) (PDF)​ Author(s): Corinne Alexander and Chris Hurt

BioEnergy Publications - Solids​

Development of a Viable Corn Stover Market: Impacts on Corn and Soybean Marketss

(RE-6-W) (PDF) Author(s): George H. Foster and Bruce A. Mckenzie

Corn Stover for Bioenergy Production:Cost Estimate and Farmer Supply Response

(ID-RE-3) (PDF) Author(s): Jena Thompson and Wallace E. Tyner

Sources of Wood and Wood Residues for Energy Production in Indiana

(ID-347-W) (PDF) Author(s): Isaac Slaven and Eva Haviarova

The Economics of Renewable Energy: Corn Stover and Switchgrass

(ID-404) (PDF) Authors (s): Sarah Brechbill and Wallace E. Tyner

Basics of Energy Production through Anaerobic Digestion of Livestock Manure​

(ID-406-W) (PDF) Author(s): Klein E. lleleji, Chad Martin, and Don Jones

Beware of On-Farm Manure Storage Hazards

(S-82) (PDF) Author(s): Bill Field

Incentives in Long-Term Biofuel Contracts

(RE-4) (PDF) Author(s): George H. Foster and Bruce A. McKenzie

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