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Biofuels Co-Products

Research is taking place throughout multiple departments within the College of Agriculture at Purdue University to evaluate the integration of co-products from corn ethanol production into livestock feeding. The stages within the full cycle of utilizing these co-products includes:

  • Processing, Storage, and Handling;
  • Nutrient Digestibility;
  • Animal Performance;
  • Carcass Quality;
  • Economic Value as a Feed Ingredient;
  • Impacts of Ethanol Co-products on Manure Composition and Nutrient Management;
  • Economic Assessment of Diets using Co-products; and
  • Ethanol Plant Proximity near Livestock Production affects on Supply and Demand.

Biofuels Co-products Publications - Distillers Grains

(ID-330) Author(s): R. Lemenager, T. Applegate, M. Claeys, S. Donkin, T. Johnson, S. Lake, M. Neary, S. Radcliffe, B. Richert, A. Schinckel, M. Schutz, and A. Sutton

(ID-331-W) Author(s): Todd Applegate and Layi Adeola

(ID-332-W) Author(s): Tim Johnson, Shawn Donkin, and Mike Schutz

(ID-333) Author(s): Todd Applegate, Brian Richert, and Dirk Maier

(ID-334-W) Author(s): Shawn S. Donkin, Timothy R. Johnson, and Mike M. Schultz

(ID-345-W) Author(s): Mickey A. Latour and A. P. Schinckel​

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