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On-Farm Efficienc​y​​

Agriculture production input prices are certainly unstable in a highly volatile market. Among the largest annual expenses for producers is the cost for irrigating and post-harvest treatments of their crops, controlling animal housing facilities, managing energy use in often outdated dairy systems under daily use and wear, and greenhouse production facilities using heating through Winter production and ventilation during the Summer months. To help manage energy price variability of recent times, Purdue has built a service to support making improvements and a toolbox for producers to utilize when increasing energy efficiency on-farm.​

On-Farm Energy Efficiency Audit Program

Purdue Extension is equipped to assist you with an energy audit for various farm operation systems. This program involves evaluating and making calculations of your existing system efficiency, and comparing it to the proposed new systems. Producers may use this audit report to apply for the USDA REAP program, or through other incentive programs facilitated by local utility companies. Chad Martin is a Renewable Energy Extension Specialist within the Purdue Ag & Biological Engineering Department, and is a Certified Farm Energy Auditor according to ASABE Standards. He works closely with Dr. Klein Ileleji who is the Extension Engineer for the Purdue ABE Department. Contact us to visit further about services available for the following sectors:

  • Grain Drying
  • Irrigation Improvements 
  • Dairy Farm Operations 
  • Livestock Confinement Systems 
  • Greenhouse Growing Facilities
  • Aquaculture Systems 

Please complete the following energy audit request form​ and return to the Purdue Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department - Chad Martin, Renewable Energy Extension Specialist.

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On-Farm Efficiency Tools

Energy Estimator: Grain Drying 
(The online estimator tool is presently offline for maintenance, please contact Chad Martin for assistance:

for Animal Housing, Irrigation, Nitrogen Application, and Tillage. Determining Energy Needs of your Current Operating Systems

Heating Fuel Comparison Calculator
from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

On-Farm Efficiency Publications​​

Post Harvest Pocket Guide - Order Form
(ID 215) 

(July, 2009) (PDF)
(AE-94) (HTML)

(AE-96) (HTML)

(AE-97) (HTML)

(NCR-191) (HTML)

(AE-104) (HTML)

(AE-109) (HTML)

(BV-1-W) (HTML)

(AE-95) (HTML)

(AE-111) (HTML)


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On-Farm Energy Efficiency Programs

Archived USDA Energy Program 
Click on the links below to access the streaming video archive of the USDA Rural Development REAP and Value-Added Programs Workshop held June 16, 2009.

  • Segment One - REAP Grant Program and Purdue Extension's Energy Auditing Services Overview 
    (Time - 1:14:38) 

  • Segment Two - Value-Added Producer Grant Program 
    (Time - 31:42)
  • Video steaming sponsored by the Indiana Office of Energy.​