​​Energy Conservation

Residential Efficiency​

Clean Energy/Green Energy – there is a lot of interest and hope that we can find local, economical, and earth-friendly means to have the energy that we currently enjoy. But YOU can help now! Energy Conservation and making informed purchases has the potential to save more energy than can be generated by Wind and biofuels combined.

The Conservation Wise series was written to help youth and adults understand how their actions and purchase choices can affect energy use and personal expenditures. Energy conservation knowledge and efforts can do more to reduce our dependence on non-renewables. This series was developed with assistance from the Purdue Extension Energy Conservation Team.

Energy Education for Youth: Energy 

Investigators Residential Energy Efficiency Publications

(ID-434) (PDF) Author(s): Natalie Carrol

(ID-435) (PDF) Author(s): Nda-Agyima Addae-Mensah and Natalie Carroll​

(ID-436) (PDF) Author(s): Nda-Agyima Addae-Mensah and Natalie Carroll​
(ID-437) (PDF) Author(s): Natalie Carrol

(ID-438) (PDF) Author(s): Nda-Agyima Addae-Mensah and Natalie Carroll

(ID-439) (PDF) Author(s): Nda-Agyima Addae-Mensah and Natalie Carroll​

(ID-440) (PDF) Author(s): Nda-Agyima Addae-Mensah and Natalie Carroll​

(ID-441) (PDF) Author(s):​ Nda-Agyima Addae-Mensah and Natalie Carroll​​