Photovoltaic System at Purdue Beck Agricultural Center

Solar Energy​

Solar energy applications in Indiana must be evaluat​ed carefully because the region’s generally limited resources for year round sunshine. Compared to the utility grid, electricity from photovoltaic power is still rather expensive. Solar water heating applications however show promise, as well as in locations where utility power is unavailable. Consult with an experienced technician to determine the viability of your potential solar project.

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Solar Energy Publications​

Economic and Policy Evaluation of Solar Energy for Indiana Business and Residential Applications

RE-9-W Author(s): Jinho Jung and Wallace Tyner

Solar Heating for Home, Farm and Small Business: Basic Facts About Collection, Storage and Utilization

AE-88 Author(s): L. W. Turner

Solar Energy Heat Storage for Home, Farm and Small Business: Suggestions on Selecting and Using Thermal Storage Materials and Facilities

AE-89 Author(s): Steve Eckhoff and Martin Okos

Solar Heating Systems for Confinement Livestock Buildings

AE-99 Author(s): William H. Friday, Don D. Jones and Alvin C. Dale

Solar Heat for Grain Drying--Selection, Performance, Management

AE-108 Author(s): George H. Foster and Bruce A McKenzie​

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Photovoltaic Calculator

National Renewable Energy Laboratory helps to understand the potential electrical energy produced in a given region of the state.

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Resources for Solar Energy​

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