Renewable Energy

Rural and agricultural regions throughout the U.S. are presented with extraordinary opportunities as a result of renewable energy emerging as a component to fulfilling our country’s future energy requirements. Decreasing our nation’s dependence upon foreign oil and deriving our energy from cleaner sources are two factors shifting our nation’s energy paradigm. However, equal consideration toward increasing energy efficiency and successful adoption of new energy technologies makes effective use of our diverse natural resources for energy production.

Purdue Extension is committed to building capacity of knowledge for the successful adoption of renewable energy technologies and developing practices for improving energy efficiency of existing systems on farm. This program focuses its efforts relevant to rural areas of Indiana and beyond, such as commercial production of biofuels, wind power generation among rural communities, solar energy (both thermal and photovoltaic), and on-farm energy and fertilizer production by anaerobic digestion systems. Available for your convenience are educational resources and tools used in the planning of these opportunities.