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The Indiana Beekeepers' Association conference is taking place at McCormick's State Park. Pre-Registration ends October 15th. Find more information here.

Beekeeping has recently gained popularity on farms, in backyards, and in urban settings. Apiculture has been on the rise with greater awareness of the inexplicable Colony Collapse Disorder and the great importance of all pollinators! The following resources will provide information for the beginning, intermediate, or advanced beekeeper.

Purdue Resources

Indiana Resources

National Resources

Other University Programs​

Purdue Resources

  • The Purdue Bee Hive is the homepage for the Purdue Entomology Hunt Lab. It features excellent calendar events as well as updated information on research, good links to other resources and information about disease and pests.
  • Consider Beekeeping in Indiana: a PDF that contains information for the person looking to learn more about beekeeping, what it entails, and other resources that could provide additional information
  • Protect Honeybees from Pesticides
  • Using Honeybees in Pollination


 Mite- Biting with Dr. Greg Hunt

This video is created by Dr. Greg Hunt in conjunction with the Purdue Bee Hive.

​​Indiana Resources

  • Central Indiana Beekeeping Association: An association whose group members meet regularly and share experiences and knowledge. They have a mentorship program set-up and encourage youth beekeepers. The website is well-maintained and includes extensive resources, a classified sections, and the latest news.
  • Indiana Beekeepers’ Association (IBA): The IBA is a statewide association that hosts a Bee School in the winter in addition to regional, monthly meetings. The resources it provides are especially extensive and well-organized. It is a good place to start if looking for materials or mentors.
  • Indiana State Beekeepers Association: Another association in Indiana to promote and support beekeepeers. The Association has its own Queen Project taking place in addition to a beekeeping school. It includes a handy locator service to find other beekeepers in the area.
  • Graham’s Beeworks in Indiana:located in Morgantown, Indiana Graham’s Beeworks offers a variety of materials as well as workshops and educational events.
  • Apple Blossom Honey Farm has supplies and information for the beginning beekeper. 
  • RJ Honey LLC is an additional resource found here in Indiana to provide materials, knowledge, and of course, honey. 

National Resources

  • American Beekeeping FederationThe website is a great resource for any beekeeper and has information for the beginner or advanced. It includes educational events, national conferences, as well as additional resources
  • American Honey Producers Association
  • National Honey BoardThe website is less about beekeeping and more about honey. It includes recipes, nutritional information, and honey industry material.

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