Shourish Chakravarty

  • Email:
  • Tel: 352-215-5057
  • Mailing address: Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, 715 W. State Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907


University of Florida, Ph.D., Food and Resource Economics, August 2019
Job Market Paper: Workfare and forest cover: the Case of NREGS in India
Dissertation Committee: Conner Mullally (Chair), Christa Court, Spiro Stefanou, Hector Sandoval
University of Calgary, M.A., Economics, 2011
Research Report: Determinants of Exclusivity Periods of Drugs in Canada
University of Arizona, M.S., Agriculture and Resource Economics, 2009
Thesis: Determinants of Health Outcomes of Children in the United States
Elphinstone College, Mumbai University, B.A., Economics, 2004


Purdue University
Postdoctoral Scholar, Summer 2020 – present
– Currently working on a project estimating impacts of conservation easements
on land use change. I am also working on a project in which I will be conducting
economic modeling of forest products, specifically products made from

Kansas State University
Postdoctoral Fellow, Fall 2019 – Summer 2020
– Worked on an USDA funded project on estimating land supply elasticities.
I created a spatially-explicit panel dataset that combines land uses from the
USDA-NASS Cropland Data Layer with land cash rents, soil quality and accessibility
– I estimated models that identify the spatially heterogeneous effects of changes
in agricultural returns on land use choices (i.e. land supply elasticities), and
generated maps of spatially explicit land supply elasticities that can be incorporated
in a high-resolution model of U.S. agriculture.
University of Florida
Research Assistant, Fall 2015 – Summer 2019
– Contributed to a project that applied LASSO model selection with doubly
robust treatment effect estimation to analyze the impact of a rural business
development program on small plantain farmers in Nicaragua.
– Worked on a project on citrus greening disease in Florida. The study analyzed
the impact of coordination among citrus growers on fertilizer and pesticide
Teaching Assistant, Economics of Natural Resource Use, University of Florida,
Spring 2018 and Fall 2017
Azim Premji Foundation, India
Associate-Analytics, Knowledge Resource Center, November 2012 – May 2015
– Catered to the capacity building requirements of the Foundation by creating
research reports, literature reviews, and by conducting workshops.
– Extracted and formatted secondary datasets like District Information System
for Education (DISE) and National Sample Survey (NSS).
Development Research Group, World Bank
Short Term Consultant, August 2013 – August 2014
– Research assistance for primary data cleaning and creating questionnaires.
University of Calgary
Research Assistant/Teaching Assistant, Fall 2009 – Winter 2011
– Conducted literature reviews on topics in health economics.
– Teaching assistant for undergraduate courses in microeconomics.
University of Arizona
Research Assistant/Teaching Assistant, Spring 2008 – Spring 2009
– Worked on a project analyzing riparian rights in Arizona water usage by vegetable
industries in the US.
– Teaching assistant for Masters Math camp, and undergraduate courses in Price
Analysis and Microeconomics.


Mullally, C. and S. Chakravarty. 2018. “Are Matching Funds for Smallholder Irrigation Money Well Spent?” Food Policy, 76(1): 70-80.

Yangyang Wang

  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate
  • Office: 715 W. State Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907
  • Phone: 765-543-2344
  • E-mail: wang1361@purduedu


  • 2015-present, Post Doctoral Research Associate, Natural Resource Economics Lab, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University, USA
  • 2011-2014, Visiting Scholar, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University, USA
  • 2014, Ph.D. in Forest Economics, College of Economics & Management, Northeast Forestry University, China
  • 2010, M.A. in Administrative Management, College of Economics & Management, Northeast Forestry University, China
  • 2006, B.A. in International Economics & Trade, College of Economics & Management, Northeast Forestry University, China

Research Interests

  • Forest economics and finance
  • Map and value ecosystem services
  • Spatial analysis of conservation policy and conservation investment returns
  • Uncertainty analysis under climate, landscape, management, and policy change
  • Priority analysis for natural resources conservation Landscape connectivity and fragmentation

Journal Publications

  • Wang, Y.Y., Atallah, S., Shao, G.F., 2017. Spatially-Explicit Return on Investment to Private Forest Conservation for Water Purification in Indiana, USA. Ecosystem Services 26:45-57
  • Liao J.F., Jia Y.Q., Tang L.N., Huang Q.L., Wang, Y.Y., Huang N., Hua L.Z., 2017. Assessment of urbanization-induced ecological risks in an area with significant ecosystem services based on land use/cover change scenarios. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology. DOI: 10.1080/13504509.2017.1415234
  • Bai, G.X., Wang, YY., Dai, L.M., Liu, S.R., Tang, L.N., Shao, G.F., 2015. Market-oriented forestry in China promotes forestland productivity. New Forests. DOI: 10.1007/s 11056-014-9450-8
  • Deng, H.B., Chen, Z.F., Cao, H.N., Shen, Y., Wang, Y.Y., Shan, P., 2015. Perceptions and attitudes of local residents on nature reserve: a case study in Baimaxueshan National Nature Reserve. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology. DOI: 10.1080/13504509.2014.930361
  • Wu, G., Gao, Y., Wang, Y., Wang, Y.Y., Xu, D., 2015. Land use/land cover changes and their driving forces around wetlands in Shangri-La County, Yunnan Province, China. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology. DOI: 10.1080/13504509.2014.915894
  • Shi, L.Y., Ma, W.C., Shao, G.F., Tang, L.N., Wang, Y.Y., Wang, H.W., 2015. The US and China need to turn ongoing bilateral dialogue into immediate joint mitigation. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology. DOI: 10.1080/13504509.2014.961993
  • Wang, Y.Y., Bai, G.X., Shao, G.F., Cao, Y.K., 2014. An analysis of potential investment returns and their determinants of poplar plantations in state-owned forest enterprises of China. New Forests 45:251-264

Conference Presentations and Publications

Oral Presentations:

  • Yangyang Wang, Shady Atallah, Guofan Shao, 2017.  Valuing and mapping the timber productivity payback from forest conservation. 2017 Indiana GIS conference, Indianapolis.
  • Yangyang Wang, Shady Atallah, Guofan Shao, 2016. Nutrient retention returns on investment in private forest conservation: the case of the Classified Forest and Wildlands Program in Indiana. Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA), Boston.
  • Yangyang Wang, Shady Atallah, Guofan Shao, 2016. Maximizing Freshwater ecosystem service returns on investment in forest conservation. Society of American Foresters convention (SAF), Madison

Conference Publication:

  • Wang, Y.Y., Atallah, S., Shao, G.F., 2016. Nutrient retention return on investment in forest private forest conservation: the case of the Classified forest and wildlands program in Indiana. 2016 Agricultural & Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, July 31-August 2

Poster Presentations:

  • Yangyang Wang, Shady Atallah, Guofan Shao, 2016. Maximizing the Nutrient Retention Return on Investment in Forest Conservation: the case of the Classified Forest and Wildlands Program in Indiana. Natural Capital Symposium, Stanford University.
  • Wang YY, Bai GX, Shao GF. 2013. Investment potential of a poplar Industrial plantation in China. Society of American Foresters 2013 National Convention (SAF), North Charleston, S.C., USA.


  • Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA) 2015-Current
  • Society of American Foresters convention (SAF) 2013-Current