Curtis V. Manning

  • Post Doctoral Fellow,
    Department of Forestry and Natural Resources ,
    Purdue University


  • 2002 – PhD in Astrophysics, University of Calif., Berkeley
  • 1999 – MA in Astrophysics, University of Calif., Berkeley
  • 1969 – BA in Philosophy, University of Calif., Berkeley


I am working on a zonal/diurnal model of possible Mars climates that would incorporate atmospheric CO2 inventories of up to 25 times larger than at present as well as the effects of the insertion of artificial greenhouse gases that could help raise average atmospheric temperatures in the mid-latitudes of Mars above the freezing point of water.


• 2015-2021, Consultant and code writer for Dr. Christopher McKay at NASA-Ames.
• 2/1/2011-2015, Retirement, largely due to stock market recession of 2009.
• 9/1/2009-1/31/2011, Assistant Research Physicist at Space Science Laboratory in Berkeley in a NASA-Ames –
University (of California, Berkeley) Consortium under Dr. David Brain, now at Colorado University, Boulder,
• 7/31/2005 – 8/30/2009, NASA-Ames Research Center under Dr. Christopher McKay. Several conferences,
talks and papers published.
• July, 2002-2005, Time split between U. C. Berkeley Department of Astrophysics and NASA-Ames, Space
Science Division. Working with Dr. Spinrad at Berkelwey, and Dr. McKay at NASA-Ames.
• 2002-2005, Postdoctoral research under Dr. Hyron Spinrad (now deceased).
• 1999-2002, Half-time work with Dr. Hyron Spinrad on research projects in astrophysics.
• 1996-1998, Teaching Assistant in astronomy classes


• Ninth International Conference on Mars, July 22-26, CalTech, CA, poster presentation
• The 47th Vernadsky-Brown Microsymposium held in Houston, TX, March 8-9, 2008. Talk entitled, “The CoEvolution of the CO 2 and N 2 Atmosphere in the First 500 Myr Under Various Plausible Impact Scenarios.”
• The 7th International Mars Conference held in Pasadena, July 8-13, 2007. Talk entitled, “The evolution of nitrogen
on Mars: Early nitrate formation and isotopic fractionation.”
• Workshop on Martian Valley Networks, held at Kohala Coast, Hawaii, August 11-14, 2004. Talk entitled,
“Reconciling the Aqueous Environments of Meridiani Planum with Self-consistent Atmospheric Modeling”.
• The XXXV LPScI Conference March 15-19, 2003 in Houston, TX. Talk entitled, “The Last 10 Myr on Mars:
Comparing Atmospheric Simulations with Recent Geology.”

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