Lost Lake Purdue Forestry Summer Camp Reunion, June 8-11, 2014


Forestry Summer Camp is the most memorable experience for almost all forestry students. Purdue forestry students enjoyed the Great North Woods from Lost Lake Camp from 1959 to 1976, and again from 1983 to 1984.

Alumnus Richard (Dick) Haskett, Mahtomedi, MN, has initiated the process of bringing Lost Lake alumni together at the newly rebuilt Lost Lake Camp for a celebration of lives well led, rekindle friendships, and reminisce about good times at Lost Lake Forestry Camp. The target is to have the reunion during the summer of 2014.

Dick is forming a “planning and operations task force” (retirees no longer serve on “committees”) to make the reunion a reality.  The title of this group is intended to memorialize Marine Corps Col. Charles Miller, i.e. Professor Charlie Miller, Camp Director extraordinaire.


 Planning and Operations Task Force


Planning and Operations Task Force
The organizing committee should consist of individuals assigned the following tasks. Others may come up as the process moves forward.

  1. Registrar to handle reservations.
  2. Treasurer to handle registration fees (preferably via credit cards) and to pay bills.
  3. Liaison with USFS or its concessionaire.
  4. Liaison with FNR (perhaps a current or retired FNR faculty or staff member).
  5. Steward to deal with meals and lodgin.
  6. Activities coordinator to develop activities, tours, events, transportation.
  7. Communications coordinator to write and distribute information to possible participants, the University and NE Wisconsin communities.
  8. Historian to collect stories, photos, film, etc. and publish a history of the camp.

Contact Dick Haskett if you can’t resist the opportunity to fill one of these slots or have other ways you might assist with planning the reunion.

Richard Haskett
118 Wildwood Bay Drive
Mahtomedi, MN 55115
Home: 651-330-1481
Cell: 651-235-7072


 Lost Lake Camp Rebuilt


The facilities were completely rebuilt in 2011-2012 as a US Forest Service Project under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  It’s hard to capture the quality of the reconstruction project in photos. It must be seen to be believed, especially if you were there from about the mid-1970’s on. There is now absolutely no chance that your cabin will fall off of its foundation, or your foot  go through a floor board.  These photos should give you a sense of the change. Not shown are two modern (yes, flush toilets) bath houses on either end of the camp. By the appearance of the lake the fishing won’t be any better, and there is no beach by the camp. It’s now across the lake adjacent to the campgrounds.

Students at Lost Lake Summer Camp

During the 2012 Summer Camp Professor Hoover took the forestry students to see the camp. Note that all the students are smiling, just like you always did at camp.

Lost Lake Summer Camp Kitchen

Modern Kitchen in Dining Hall. (Yes, there is an automatic dishwasher. Imagine the great food that can be prepared here. Unfortunately the reunion will most likely occur after the morels and leeks are available.)

Lost Lake Summer Camp Cabin

Cabin (Set-up with table and fire pit for families not using the dining hall. Hiding spots for liquid refreshments were closed off. The lake, however, is still accessible for this purpose.)

Lost Lake Camp Lodge

Dining and Recreation Hall (Note the beautiful floor. The cabin floors are just like this.)

Lost Lake Camp Lectgure Hall

Lecture Hall (ghosts of Charlie Millerand and, others now deceased professors, we’re driven out in ceremonies conducted during construction by current patrons of Mr. Earls.)