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screenshot of tree doctor app

'Tree Doctor' App

This app can help you identify and manage problems on trees. Using the app, you can match damaged plant parts with over 1,000 high-resolution photos. Further check your visual diagnoses by following links on each photo to detailed descriptions of damage and stages of problem development. Search for information by tree or pest, and get recommendations on how to manage more than 175 problems on 60+ kinds of trees. The app focuses on the most common problems of trees in the Midwestern and Eastern United States.

This app was developed by Purdue University experts to help people better identify and manage common tree problems. This app should help improve communication between landscape professionals and their customers. See sample screen shots (PDF).

screenshot of fifty trees of Indiana App

'Fifty Trees of the Midwest' App

Fifty Trees of the Midwest is the ideal guide to the most common trees in the Midwest. This app helps you identify trees, create field notes, and import photos for handy reference. Use the photo-based identification key complete with pop-up definitions to identify trees. Compare your results to feature pages with full-color pictures of the leaf, bud, twig, flower, fruit, bark, and form of each tree. Swipe to browse photos or tap to enlarge them for a closer look. You can even make field notes with your own photos for use in the identification process.