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The Nature of Teaching

Nature of Teaching

The Nature of Teaching is the place to go for teaching resources that focus on nature. On this web site, teachers can find free lesson plans, printables, posters, a photo library, information on upcoming workshops, and more. Check out the new blog site and add your comments and suggestions.

Help the Hellbender

Help the Hellbender

Protecting the hellbender will take decades of continuous care and conservation effort. This website offers a variety of materials that are targeted to younger audiences. These include a downloadable poster, help the hellbender sticker, printable coloring pages and how to sight a hellbender. The best way you can help the hellbenders are to experience nature first hand.

Got Nature?

Got Nature?

Find the resources you need from our Purdue scientists, researchers and specialists in this blog site that has a category titled "Got Nature for Kids".

Lugar-Purdue Future of Forestry Program and Scholarship

The Lugar Program Logo

This curriculum is designed to mimic a typical field trip-based curriculum. The activities have been created so that each "Pre-Visit Activity" forms the basis for the "Online 'Virtual Visit' Activity." A "Post-Visit Activity" then reinforces and wraps-up the subject matter.

Welcome to Stout Woods Virtual Tour

The following activities are divided into two grade level groups. Each curriculum features ready-to-play online activities and ready-to-print activities and lesson plans. Click the activity names in the curriculum tables to view a description of the selected activity and download materials or launch the activity.

Forestry Career Development Event

Youth Resource Education LogoLearn about forest ecosystems, forestry management, and the utilization of forest products. You will learn how to identify trees by leaves, seeds, and woods; develop leadership skills and practice good study habits; and learn how to manage Indiana's forest resources.


 Additional Resources


For additional resources check out the FNR Extension Publications, Webinars, Frequently Asked Question and our FNR Calendar for workshops.

Find the resources you need and more on our Program Areas/ Research web page: Aquaculture and Aquatic sciences, Forests and Trees, Natural Resource Planning, Wildlife and Wood Products.

50 Trees of Indiana Cover

50 Trees of Indiana

Nab the Aquatic Invader Detective 

Nab the Aquatic Invader
(Web site)




Salamanders of Indiana Cover 

Salamanders of Indiana

Snakes of Indiana Cover

Snakes of Indiana

Snakes of the Midwest Cover 

Snakes of the Midwest

Turtles of Indiana Cover

Turtles of Indiana