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Got Nature? > Posts > Ugly Mix Prevents Theft of Evergreens
November 06
Ugly Mix Prevents Theft of Evergreens

​You may wish to prevent your ornamental evergreen trees or plantation-grown Christmas trees from being stolen during November and December.  Annually Christmas tree thieves steal nicely  shaped, well-growing evergreen trees from unsuspecting landowners.  Hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of losses occur.  And the stress of unexpectedly seeing only a stump where a valuable tree once stood is an unpleasant experience for landowners.  If you have a tree or two, or maybe rows of trees that are accessible to those who may be predisposed to thievery, the following procedures for discouraging Christmas tree theft by the use of UGLY MIX may be valuable to you.  Cornell University's Cornell Plantations in Ithaca, New York uses a special concoction referred to as UGLY MIX to deter thieves from removing ornamental evergreens during the Christmas season.  Invented in 1983 by Garardo Sciarra, a Gardener-Horticulturist with the Cornell Plantations, the award-winning UGLY MIX can be applied to evergreens with a paintbrush, broom, or sprayer.  The concoction must be kept agitated during its use to prevent separation of the ingredients.

How-To-Instructions . . .

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