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Got Nature? > Posts > Fish Sales at the Aquaculture Research Lab at Purdue
May 11
Fish Sales at the Aquaculture Research Lab at Purdue

​The main focus of the Purdue Aquaculture Research Lab is as the name implies, on fish related research. Some research is on aspects of fish farming and some on native fisheries and environment. We also do some demonstration projects to show the public various ways and species of growing fish.  Once fish reach a marketable size, they may be sold and the proceeds put back into the programs. These sales may be to a wholesaler or the public.

Fish of significant quantity are sold through wholesalers.  Generally this is over 1000 lbs. of any one species and usually is production from one or more of our one-quarter acre ponds.  We harvest the fish up a day or two in advance and hold them in raceways where they purge themselves prior to pick up.

We also sell fish to the public on an irregular basis.  Food fish such as tilapia, hybrid striped bass, largemouth bass and yellow perch are sold as one to three hundred punds become available.  Over the past two years sales have, on the average, taken place every three months.  We sell the fish live as we have no processing facilities.  Our customers buy anywhere from a few pounds to as many as 30-40 lbs., depending on whether they are preparing a single meal or freezing a year’s worth of fish dinners. The emphasis is obviously on freshness at a reasonable price.  We always sell at a higher price than a commercial operation so as not to compete with the private sector. 

For more information on the research lab view Aquaculture Research Lab

For more information on the fish sales contact Bob Rode.

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