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Got Nature? > Posts > IN Division of Forestry and WFYI presents "Forests At Work"
September 20
IN Division of Forestry and WFYI presents "Forests At Work"

​Here you can view the PBS special, Indiana Expeditions: Forests At Work which investigates forest management in Indiana. Developed through a partnership between the Indiana Department of Natural Resources' Division of Forestry and public television station WFYI, the show looks at the science behind our abundant renewable product, the tree. From the lab to the field, we see how a seedling with certain genetic traits can turn into a tree farm full of superior hardwood trees. We follow foresters into the Indiana woodlands to learn about management practices and how these practices are helping Indiana make a great forest recovery from an era of abuse. We learn that there are plenty of things we can do as citizens to help keep our trees around for decades to come. Whether it be an urban forest in the middle of a city or a state forest, the science of forestry keeps the trees we depend on for the very air we breathe growing in the Indiana landscape we admire every day.

For more information on DVD and how to order, view IN DNR. You will see our Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources experts that contributed to this great resource. 

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