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Got Nature? > Posts > AccuWeather predicting heavy snowfall, woolly worm mum on subject
October 30
AccuWeather predicting heavy snowfall, woolly worm mum on subject

​by Vicki Rock, Daily American Staff Writer

AccuWeather is predicting big snow events for the Northeast, mid-Atlantic and central and southern Appalachians this winter.

Other people look to nature as a guide to winter forecasts.

Some people insist the woolly bear caterpillar predicts winter weather; the more brown segments there are in the middle, the milder the coming winter.


"There is zero truth to that," Dr. Tom Turpin, professor of entomology at Purdue University and past president of the Entomology Society of America, said in a telephone interview. "Insects do not predict weather at all. That's as good as reaching the conclusion that if you look at the road salt that the highway department has stored, you'll know how bad the winter will be."

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Article posted October 3, 2012, Daily American Somerset County's Newspaper


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