Welcome to the Genetics Lab Web Page

hellbender salamanderThe Genetics Lab is comprised of four research groups studying various genetic aspects of a variety of species, including salmon, kangaroo rats, black walnut trees, raccoons and bobcats. This lab, one of the largest labs on campus, enabling researchers in the same field to share equipment, minimize costs and maximize the available space. In addition to the five faculty members involved in research in this lab, there are an additional 24 individuals are working in the lab, ranging from undergraduate volunteers to senior research scientists.

Areas of specialization include: wildlife genetics, conservation gentetics, population genetics, forest genetics, ecological genetics and toxicogenomics.


Dr. Andrew DeWoody
Andrew DeWoody is a faculty member in the department of Forestry and Natural Resources. Personnel in his laboratory use molecular techniques to study genetics/genomics, behavioral ecology, and population biology.

Dr. Keith Woeste
Dr. Woeste is a scientist in the Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center​ (HTIRC).  The mission of the HTIRC is to develop genetic, molecular and tissue culture technologies and forest and nursery management guidelines that improve the productivity of the central hardwood forest.

Dr. Rod Williams
Rod Williams is an assistant professor in the department of Forestry and Natural Resources. His research focuses on using both field and molecular tools to study the ecology of amphibians and reptiles.