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News and Research

4/29/2016 9:12 AM

​Dr. Jeff Dukes​ shares research showing how bees rely on goldenrod pollen as a food source, but it's less nutritious than it used to be. Declines in pollen protein could potentially threaten bee health and survival and weaken bees' ability to overwinter on a continental scale, said Jeffery Pettis, study co-author and research entomologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service.

3/31/2016 8:28 AM

​Atrazine exposure during embryonic development could cause later reproductive problems for female zebrafish, as well as physical deformations in their offspring, according to new research from Purdue University.

3/25/2016 4:45 PM

​FNR graduate student Nick Kalejs shares research and his experiences. Nick works with Dr. Tomas Höök, FNR associate professor and director of research for Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (IISG).​

3/8/2016 9:40 AM

​Dr. Jeff Dukes shares with Indiana state representatives and local agencies the long-range forecast and how it will affect public health, water supply and quality, energy use, agriculture and more. Dr. Dukes is the director of the Purdue Climate Change Research Center (PCCRC) which brings scientists from 12 Purdue Departments addressing the challenges and complexities of climate change. 

1/14/2016 3:52 PM

​Associate professor Songlin Fei is co-editor of a special issue of the journal Landscape Ecology that focuses on macrosystems ecology, a relatively new field that looks to solve ecological issues by expanding the view of the problems.​

12/11/2015 3:35 PM

​Congratulations to Dr. Linda Prokopy, Dr. Rod Williams and Dr. Liz Flaherty on their recent outstanding teaching and career awards.

12/8/2015 4:35 PM

​Sustainable Communties Extension Specialist Kara Salazar has been chosen by Indiana Governor Mike Pence to serve as one of four council members on the Indiana Land Resources Council.

11/20/2015 1:56 PM

A new project launched at Virginia Tech, in partnership with FNR's Jeffrey Dukes and others, aims to look decades ahead to predict the effectiveness of land management practices.

10/29/2015 1:09 PM

A new study published by the National Academy of Sciences details how the decline in large animals has had a dramatic effect on the Earth. The study was co-authored by FNR's Dr. J. Barny Dunning. ​

10/28/2015 1:41 PM

​Aaron Forgey, who earned his degree in forestry and natural resources in 2014, is the owner of Legacy Hardwoods LLC. The company is selling trees, including black walnut and black cherry, that have been scientifically proven to have a better chance to become veneer wood than saw logs.​

10/28/2015 9:57 AM

As an Indianapolis Museum of Art Environmental and historic preservation intern intern, Jannet teaches students about invasive species and more.​

10/27/2015 2:14 PM

Purdue University projects improving usability of climate information for Midwest agriculture and taking regional approaches to economic development in rural Indiana have earned National Institute of Food and Agriculture Partnership Awards.

10/23/2015 2:58 PM

​The Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, College of Agriculture, Purdue University, invites applications for the position of Department Head. The principal focus of the Head is to provide visionary leadership working with a diverse group of outstanding faculty and staff in pursuit of excellence in research, teaching, and extension.​

9/22/2015 11:43 AM
Professor Jeffrey Dukes, director of the Purdue Climate Change Research Center in Discovery Park, will headline the next Science on Tap with a talk on the science and significance of climate change within the context of the Hoosier state, September 24.​​
9/18/2015 3:13 PM
​FNR 444-Arboricultural Practices teaches students the necessary skills to become a professional arborist. There is more to the profession than you might imagine, as it involves planning for urban arboreal growth and care. Purdue Exponent.
9/17/2015 4:48 PM
This new podcast series, Boiler Up for Wildlife, has our host Dr. Rod Williams talking with wildlife biologists about current wildlife issues. For this podcast we are discussing disease issues associated with White-tailed Deer.
9/14/2015 3:53 PM
Jamieson, a ​Distinguished Ag Alumni, recently led the National Association of Landscape Professionals' 19th annual Renewal & Remembrance​ event. Volunteers at the event provided arborist services such as planting, pruning, mulching and other lawn care.​​​​​​​​​​​
9/3/2015 11:42 AM
A Purdue University study presents a novel approach for identifying vertebrate populations at risk of extinction by estimating the rate of genetic diversity loss, a measurement that could help researchers and conservationists better identify and rank species that are threatened or endangered.
8/25/2015 11:24 AM
Homeowners and landowners need to keep an eye on trees that may be dying from weather-related stress, Purdue University tree experts say. Symptoms recently noted on mature oak, tulip and maple trees in Indiana include leaf scorch - the browning of leaves - branch dieback and premature defoliation.
8/20/2015 2:41 PM
The Useful to Usable climate initiative based at Purdue University has published a survey in the form of a statistical atlas with information on farmers' practices, beliefs about climate and weather and the tools they use to make farm decisions. Using this information and continuing with the format of the series, the new atlas provides additional findings by watershed. ​​
8/11/2015 3:33 PM
Over-fished yellow perch in Lake Michigan have recovered much quicker - by hundreds of years - in reaching reproductive maturity at a later age and larger size than scientists previously thought was possible, according to a Purdue University study. Data analyzed in the study came from departments of natural resources in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Ontario, Canada, and Ball State University.
6/25/2015 3:18 PM
With more than 45 species of mussels, the Tippecanoe River is home to one of the most diverse populations of freshwater mussels in the U.S., including six endangered species. Protecting mussels is critical for maintaining good water quality, healthy fish and wildlife populations, and recreational use of the river.
6/23/2015 3:19 PM
The nation's oldest known bald eagle has died after reportedly being struck by a motor vehicle. The raptor was found in Wisconsin as a nestling in 1977, and later moved to New York.​ The age of the eagle is a testiment to the success of efforts to protect its species.
5/20/2015 2:27 PM
50 young hellbenders were moved from Purdue's Aquaculture Research Lab to the Columbian Park Zoo, Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, and Mesker Park Zoo in an effort to raise them to adulthood before releasing them back into the wild, greatly improving their chance of survival and making progress towards the goal of saving the Hellbenders in Indiana.​
5/13/2015 3:07 PM
Purdue AgPlanting trees in your yard can offer much more than aesthetic value, as Urban Forestry Specialist Lindsey Purcell explains in this article about how to properly plant trees to provide a cooling effect for your home during the summer and a passive solar gain during the winter.  
5/5/2015 1:33 PM
Purdue AgPurdue's College of Agriculture has been ranked the fifth-best college of agriculture and forestry worldwide by British company Quacquarelli Symonds, a higher education specialist. This ranking is up from eighth last year and reflects the incredible work currently done by the department's faculty, students, and staff.  
5/5/2015 1:14 PM
Useful to UsablePurdue members of the muti-university climate initiative organization Useful to Usable (U2U) were recently awarded the College of Agriculture's 2015 TEAM award for their innovative communication work with Midwestern farmers. The U2U team has provided farmers with online tools featuring up-to-date climate data to assist with activities throughout the growing cycle. A public ceremony will be hosted to recognize the team's achievements on May 11th from 2-4pm in Pfendler Hall's Deans Auditorium.  ​
4/13/2015 1:13 PM
Thousand Canker Disease, Walnut Tree

The invasive species Walnut Twig Beetle​ most commonly known for its cause of Thousand Canker Disease of Black Walnut has been detected at a sawmill located in Franklin County. ​

4/6/2015 4:57 PM

Soundscape EcologyBryan Pijanowski, Professor of Human-Environment Modeling and Analysis Laboratory, was interviewed by NOVA, a documentary series focused on science and a department of PBS, for his research on soundscape ecology. 

4/6/2015 1:28 PM
Useful to UsableThe Useful to Usable climate initiative based at Purdue University has added an online tool to aid farmers and agricultural advisers in assessing climate patterns. The Climate Patterns Viewer can help growers make more informed farm management decisions during different phases of the El Niño Southern Oscillation and Arctic Oscillation.
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