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Forestry and Natural Resources

 FNR Aquatic Research on Asian Carp


View this YouTube video showing the invasion of Asian Carp in the Wabash River and the research being conducted by Purdue's aquatic ecology professor, Reuben Goforth along with FNR students.

You will find in the FNR aquatic labs Asian carp research which includes creating a specific type of electrical field in ways of disrupting the early life cycle of the eggs. Currently 100 Asian carp in the Wabach River have been implanted with transmitters. Tracking the Asian carp movement patterns will tell Purdue scientists where to place these electrical fields.


 More on Purdue's research on Asian Carp

Asian carp, Dr. Reuben Goforth research to aid in fight with Asian carp FNR research to aid in the fight of Asian carp
As the Asian carp push towards the Great Lakes, efforts are underway to control this invasive species. Dr. Reuben Goforth shares research to aid in slowing down the population by disrupting egg development with the use of electricity. See Detroit Free Press video Managing a menace for more.


Asian CarpResearch On Threatened Ecosystem by Asian Carp
Reuben Goforth, Assistant Professor of Aquatic Community Ecology for the Deparment of Forestry and Natural Resources, has been asked to share his expertise regarding the migration of Asian carp into Indiana waterways. WLFI videos titled "Asian carp numbers growing in Wabash", "Asian carp threaten ecosystem in Wabash" and "What's Being Done About Asian Carp."


Purdue aquatic ecology professor:

FNR Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources.