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 Dr. Bill Hoover receives the PUCESA Career award

Dr. Bill Hoover

The Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialist Association Career award is for extension specialists who have significantly contributed to the state and beyond through Purdue Extension. Dr. Bill Hoover, a professor and extension specialist in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, is nationally known for his expertise in the application of the federal income and estate tax laws to family forest owners. He continues to provide and take the lead in resources for forestland owners which includes applications of the Internal Revenue Code, tax policies, forest watershed management, economics of property rights and timber pricing. He is the founder of the National Timber Tax Website and a coauthor of all but the first two editions of the standard reference on the tax treatment of timber published by the USDA Forest Service in cooperation with the IRS. He published with Dr. W.L. Mills the first application of portfolio analysis that included forestland. He is currently investigating the application of experimental economics techniques to the modeling of taxpayer behavior of woodland owners. He took over the survey of Indiana log prices and processing costs in 1976 and is currently analyzing 50 years of log and lumber price data. His work with researchers in the FNR Wood Research Laboratory is being refocused on log grade yields in cooperation with the ongoing log scanning project. He collaborates with researchers in agriculture economics, economics, anthropology and sociology, and political science.

His desire to teach and provide resources continues to improve the status of specialists and professionals working in the Purdue community, the state of Indiana and around the globe.

Dr. Hoover has taught a wide range of courses in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources and now focuses on forest economics and finance, forest watershed management, utilization component of the forestry summer field practicum, and the economics of property rights.

Dr. Hoover was honored November 11, 2011,  at the PUCESA Annual Meeting.