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Kwamena K Quagrainie

Agricultural Economics 

  • Clin Engage Assc Prof Ag Econ/Fors & NR
Krannert Room 626

Forestry and Natural Resources 

  • Clin Engage Assc Prof Ag Econ/Fors & NR
  • Aquaculture Marketing Dir./Assoc. Professor
KRAN Room 626
403 W. State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Research/ Centers - Fisheries and Aquatic SciencesIllinois-Indiana Sea Grant

Facilities - Animal Care FacilityAquatic Molecular Biology and Analytical LabAquatic Ecology Research Lab,Aquaculture Research LabJohn S. Wright Center

Resources - Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Impacts (success stories with program activities, pdf 299kb)

Purdue Extension FNR ExtensionWhy Extension?

Dr. Quagrainie has a shared appointment with College of Agriculture and Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant. With his aquaculture research and expertise it gives him the opportunity to share resources through the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant program and Purdue.

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant combines research, education and outreach to empower southern Lake Michigan communities to secure a healthy environment and economy.

Awards & Honors

(2013) Honorable Mention, Publication of Enduring Quality. Canadian Agricultural Economics Society (CAES).

(2012) Mid-Career Award from Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialists Association (PUCESA). Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialists Association (PUCESA).

(2009) Distinguished Extension/Outreach Program Award. Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.

(2009) The Distinguished Early Career Award. US Aquaculture Society.

Selected Publications

Quagrainie, K. (2014). Consumer Perceptions and Preferences of Wild and Farmed Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) and African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus Burchell 1822) in Urban Centres in Kenya. International Journal of Advanced Research, 2(7), 694-705.

Quagrainie, K., Gvillo, R., Olynk, N., & Dennis, J. (2013). Are Midwestern Fish Retailers Willing to Pay More for Regionally Grown Fresh-on-ice Fish. Agricultural Sciences, 4(6A), 39-45. Retrieved from

Quagrainie, K., He, C., & Wang, H. (2013). Determinants of Shrimp Importation into the USA: An Application of an Augmented Gravity Model. Journal of Chinese Economics and Business Studies, 11(3), 219-228. Retrieved from

Quagrainie, K., & Broughton, M. (2013). Economic Importance of the Aquaculture Industry in Indiana. (EC-770-W), 8. Retrieved from

Quagrainie, K., Ndanga, L. B., & Dennis, J. (2013). Economically Feasible Options for Increased Women Participation in Kenyan Aquaculture Value Chain. Aquaculture, 414-415, 183-190. Retrieved from

Delineating Shoppers of Live Seafood in the Midwestern United States. (2011). Aquaculture Economics & Management, 15(3), 155-165.

Factors Influencing the Purchase of Live Seafood in the North Central Region of the United States. (2011). Marine Resource Economics, 26(1), 59-74.

Ngugi, C., & Amisah, S. (2010). Analysis of the use of credit facilities by small-scale fish farmers in Kenya. Aquaculture International, 18(3), 393-402.

Dennis, J. (2010). Forming an Effective Fish Farmersäó» Marketing Cooperative in Sub-Saharan Africa.