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Matthew S. Kraushar

Matt is a Habitat Specialist for the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources as well as a Graduate Research Assistant. Matthew is an M.S. student working with Sally S. Weeks.

Selected Publications

Kraushar, M. S., Nice, G., Lowe, Z., Chapman, R., & MacGowan, B. J. (2011). Control of Canada thistle in CRP and other noncrop acreage..

Kraushar, M. S., Herold, J., & Lowe, Z. E. (2011). Integrated Vegetation Management for Indiana Roadsides. Purdue Roadschool 2011- Highway Maintenance. Retrieved from

Kraushar, M. S. (2011). Serious Green. Roads and Bridges Magazine, 49(7), 44-46. Retrieved from

Kraushar, M. S. (2010). Some Herbicide Recommendations for Various Invasive Species, 4. Retrieved from

Lowe, Z. E., & Kraushar, M. S. (2009). Herbicide Options to Control Woody Invasive Plants. Woodland Steward, 18(3), 11,15. Retrieved from