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Outstanding Graduate Educator Award


 Dr. Rob Swihart receives Graduate Educator Award


Dr. Rob SwihartThe College of Agriculture Outstanding Graduate Educator is presented to faculty who demonstrate sustained and significant contributions to graduate education at Purdue University. Dr. Rob Swihart, FNR Professor and Head, received this award for 2010-2011 for exemplifying effective graduate teaching, mentoring of students, and providing service as a member/chair/head of the department’s graduate program for the past 20 years.

His research interests include effects of habitat fragmentation on wildlife, population and community ecology of mammals, spatial ecology, plant-herbivore interactions, and wildlife damage management. He relies on a combination of mathematical, experimental, and comparative approaches to study these issues. Rob’s goal in student mentoring is to produce graduates who are or have the potential to be superior to him in as many scholarly respects as possible.  He believes that the ultimate legacy of faculty depends on “the intellectual quality of our professional descendants, and the manner in which we train them to do science” (Swihart et al. 2002, Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 83:149-155).

This award allocates a cash gift that is used for supplies and research expenses. Congratulations Rob!