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Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences​


The fisheries and aquatic sciences program prepares students for professional careers in fisheries research and management, information and education, and interdisciplinary investigations of environmental problems with emphasis on fresh water systems.  Graduates receive a Bachelor of Science Degree and meet certification requirements of the American Fisheries Society.

What do you do?

As a fisheries scientist, you are ch​arged with protecting and enhancing fish populations and aquatic communities.  You work with streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, reservoirs systems and, potentially, aquaculture systems.  You monitor fish and aquatic communities by collecting data on number and species of fish and other aquatic organisms, analyze food webs and food availability, and develop and implement management plans that increase the sustainability of these communities.  This program leads to two primary job titles: fisheries biologist and aquatic biologistfishaquaculturist.

An excellent way to learn more is to schedule a visit.  Please feel free to schedule a visit by contacting FNR Student Services by email,, or call 765-494-3591.​​​