IAA Distinguished Service Award

​​The Indiana Arborist Association, Inc. (IAA) each year grants the Distinguished Service Award. This award is presented to individuals who have given of themselves, to the benefit of the Indiana Arborist Association or to Arboriculture as a whole. This recipient does not need to be an IAA member.​

Indiana Arborist Association Award Application (PDF 64KB)

2015 Dr. Robert Swihart
2014 N/A
2013​​ N/A
2012 Luke Dunlevy
2011 N/A
2010 Doreen Crenshaw, Tom Ordway
2009 Karen Schneider

​​Past Award Winners

2008 Mark Happer, William Diedrichs, Rita McKenzie
2007 John Elsesser
2006 Richard Crum


2005 Dr. Harvey Holt
2004 Dr. Burnell Fischer
2003 Dr. Fred Whitford
2002 N/A​