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Tree Climbing Competition: 2013

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 Tree Climbing Competition: 2013

Jeff Clark, John Montgomery and Wes Moore (left to right) Jeff Clark, John Montgomery and Wes Moore

The 2013 Indiana Arborist Association Tree Climbing Championship was held on September 21 at Lafayette's Murdock Park. Seventeen climbers entered the competition including eleven in-state competitors. We can thank the long list of volunteers, many coming from out of state, and the wonderful weather for a great event this year.

After the preliminary events, Wes Moore, John Montgomery and Jeff Clark competed in the Master’s Challenge to determine the Indiana representative for the international competition. The scores were very close revealing a very good masters competition. However, due to the narrow margins, an official protest was claimed and the scores from the Master's Challenge were re-tabulated. Through this process, it was revealed that John Montgomery was the 2013 IAA Master's Challenge winner. He will represent Indiana in the 2014 International Tree Climbing Championship in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Cormac Nagan and Rick Denbeau hosted a tree climbing workshop on Friday to educate climbers on the new ascending systems and work positioning strategies. This was a well attended workshop with many of the competitors participating for the nearly full day workshop. Hopefully, we can have another "day before" event next year in order to share ideas on safe and effective climbing.

John Montgomery John Montgomery

The Indiana Chapter was represented by the following climbers: Tim Shultz, Joe Shultz, Wes Moore, James McDaniel, Tom Meyers, Jeff Clark, Marco Vargas, Josh Loewen, John Montgomery, Brian Gresham and Kris Brown. Chris Coates, Matt Starks, Nick Barry, Ben Wolff, Colin Bugg and Brandon Kimble all traveled from out of state in order to compete.

Thanks again to our volunteers. This event would not happen without these volunteers: Dan Mekkes, Rich Denbeau, Jon Snyder, Marc Lebrie, Cormac Nagan, Greg Manning, Jason Diehl, Kristian Schultz, Gary Brough, Michael Blankenship, Michael Sorenson, Ryan Gilbert, Todd Tucker, Devon Montgomery, Cory Petry, Chris O'Bryan, Jacob Trader, David Meurer, Greg Cushing, Nick Dematrulius, Matt Huser, Gene Meurer, Tim Criswell, Jason Kilgour, Bryan Runyan, Mike Fuhrman, Mike McPherson, Art Burns, Phil Whitten, Keeli Curtis, Alex Thompson and Seth Harter., Luke Dunlevy, continued their support of the competition with a large assortment of prizes and equipment. In addition, Carhartt provided five $100 gift cards for the preliminary event winners. Arbormaster Inc. provided the Master's Challenge winner with a prize package including donations from Samson Ropes, Husqvarna, Silky, Oregon, Buckingham and ArborMaster.

Please make plans to compete next fall in the Indiana competition for a fun day of competition and education with some of the best climbing arborists in the state.

Jeff Clark, Tree Climbing Competition Chairman

Congratulations to John Montgomery who finished first in the Indiana Tree Climbing Masters' Challenge and will represent the Indiana Chapter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the ISA Annual Conference in 2014!

Congratulations to the Indiana winners of the preliminary events:

Overall Prelimina​ry Results:
John Montgomery
Aerial Rescue:
Jeff Clark
Work Climb:
Wes Moore
Belayed Speed Climb:
John Montgomery
Brian Gresham
Secured Footlock:
Jeff Clark


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