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Meet the Team

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 Plant and Carbon Team

The plant and carbon team are working to quantify how the composition and diversity of grassland plantings affect carbon accrual on two soil types.
HelenSchool of Life Sciences, Arizona State UniversityLead PI/Assistant Research
JeffreyDepartment of Forestry & Natural Resources, Purdue UniversityCo-PI/Associate Professor/Bio
KatherineDepartment of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue UniversityM.S. 
JosephThe Nature ConservancyLead Scientist

 Agricultural Economics Team

The Agricultural Economics team is working with the insect team to quantify how natural enemy abundance and distribution affects soybean aphid abundance and soybean yields. This team is also working with both the plant and carbon team and the insect team to provide decision support tools that help farmers and government agencies optimize ecosystem services in Midwestern agricultural landscapes.
BenjaminDepartment of Agricultural Economics, Purdue UniversityCO-PI/Assistant
SeongDepartment of Agricultural Economics, Purdue UniversityM.S.

 Insect Team

The insect team is working to quantify how the influence of local natural areas, distance from core protected habitat, composition and diversity of grassland plantings and preserves, and pest management practices in Midwestern agroecosystems contribute to natural enemy abundance and distribution.
JeffreyDepartment of Entomology, Purdue UniversityCO-PI/Associate
InsuDepartment of Entomology, Purdue UniversityPost