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In the News

Extension Publications

Stay tuned for some of the latest Extension publications about the Integrated Deer Management Project.

Project Reports and Updates

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Swihart, R. K., J. N. Caudell, J. M. Brooke, and Z. Ma. 2020. flexible model-based approach to delineate wildlife management units. Wildlife Society Bulletin.
  2. Delisle, Z.J., E.A. Flaherty, M.R. Nobbe, C.M. Wzientek, and R.K. Swihart. 2021. Next-generation camera trapping: systematic review of historic trends suggests keys to expanded research applications in ecology and conservation. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.
  3. Stinchcomb, T. R., Z. Ma and Z. Nyssa. 2022. Complex human-deer interactions challenge conventional management approaches: the need to consider power, trust, and emotion. Ecology and Society 27 (1):13.