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Integrated Deer Management Project

The Integrated Deer Management Project (IDMP) is a multi-year research project undertaken by the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Purdue University in partnership with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources - Division of Fish and Wildlife (IDNR-DFW).

The overall goal of the IDMP is the development of an integrated model of deer management that incorporates the biological, ecological, and sociological factors related to deer management. The IDMP seeks to combine information on deer populations, current deer habitat, and people’s attitudes and expectations about deer populations for improved understanding and management of deer in Indiana.


Estimate deer population density using data from aerial counts, remotely triggered cameras, and fecal-pellet counts.

 Develop region-specific population models that integrate data on deer abundance, mortality, and reproduction.

Assess deer impacts on herbaceous-layer and woody species in their habitats.

Assess stakeholder groups’ awareness, perceptions, and expectations regarding Indiana deer populations and management.

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