Innovation Lab for Food Safety

Innovation Lab for Food Safety

Current Projects

In its first year, the Food Safety Innovation Lab leads foundational research grants — referred to as QuickStarts — with pre-identified partners in four initial focus countries:

These QuickStarts in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kenya and Senegal incorporate country-wide and site-specific assessments, including:

  • Mapping key stakeholders at all levels
  • Cataloging food safety programs, practitioners and policies
  • Initiating discussions of food safety research priorities

Future projects and activities will follow, funded by competitive Requests for Application, Associate Awards, Buy-Ins and other investments.

Areas of Inquiry

At every point along our timeline, our research will embrace three core components:

Improve Nutrition and Human Outcomes

  • Leveraging our food safety research innovations into transformative knowledge
  • Strengthening a nation’s nutritional outlook and communities’ well-being

Reduce and Mitigate Risk for Enhanced Resilience

  • Identifying technologies, practices and discoveries that minimize food safety risks
  • Creating more resilient and reliable food safety systems

Advance Productivity Frontiers Through Economic Development

  • Scaling up technologies and practices we identify to improve food safety
  • Targeting biological and chemical hazards

Cross-Cutting Themes

All Food Safety Innovation Lab research activities will also incorporate cross-cutting themes of:

  • Empowering women, youth and other marginalized populations
  • Developing human and institutional capacity
  • Enabling environments that support food safety