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Bruce Watkins

Ph.D. Nutrition and Physiological Chemistry

Omega-3 Learning for Health and Medicine



Director of the International Omega-3 Learning and Education Consortium for Health and Medicine ( 2008-present
Academy of Teaching Scholars, IU School of Medicine, 2009-present
Courtesy Appointment Professor, Department of Basic Medical Sciences, SVM, Purdue University
Adjunct Professor of Anatomy, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Indiana School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN
“Editor-in-Chief”, 2006-present, Nutrition Research, (, Elsevier (

My research is organized into two areas of nutrition focused on molecular biosciences in medicine. The first area is on bone and muscle biology associated with muscle atrophy and osteopenia. The first goal of the laboratory is to understand the interactions of flavonoids and fatty acids on prostanoids and growth factors on muscle and bone metabolism for optimal musculoskeletal health. The research is directed at characterizing how specific fatty acids and phytochemicals impact bone modeling and remodeling, and muscle development. These experiments investigate actions of nutrients on transcription factors (PPARs) and genes (COX, osteocalcin, alkaline phosphatase, BMP) in bone cell cultures and various animal models. The second goal is a paradigm that examines how flavonoids and fatty acids alter genes of osteoblast differentiation (Cbfa1) and osteoclastogenesis (osteoprotegrin OPG/OPGL). The third goal is to describe the actions of nutrients on the actions of agonists on endocannabinoid receptors in muscle and bone. The second area of research is on diet and inflammation. The research aim is to determine the efficacy and safety of phytochemicals and nutraceuticals in the diet. Research is conducted on the biochemistry and physiological actions of flavonoids in biological systems of inflammation.

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Functional Foods
Nutritional Sciences
Food Lipids
Bone Metabolism

Scientific advisory boards; research projects on companion animal nutrition and medicine; nutrition and wellness research to improve the human condition

NIH Review 2005-2007 Superfund Basic Research Program (Presenter for Nutrition and Chemical Toxicity Workshop 2005).
NIH reviews - Watkins, B. A. (2005). NIH Chemo/Dietary Prevention Oncological Sciences Integrated Review Group CDP.


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