"Food Safety - It's in Your Hands" is a program that was developed jointly by Purdue University and Virginia Tech through a USDA-CSREES grant. This training program should be given to sub-management level employees working in food processing operations by management-level employees. The program focuses on teaching the basics of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Program (HACCP) and prerequisite programs such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). It can be used as a stand-alone program or as a supplement to other food safety training programs.

The Instructors Kit contains an Instructors' Packet and a Participant's Packet. The Instructor's Packet contains the agenda for the program and all the visuals needed for the training. The program is divided into four different modules that can be used alone or together. Guidance is given for each visual and for the class exercises. Each participant that attends the training should be given a copy of the Participant's Packet. The Participant's Packet contains information that parallels the curriculum in the Instructors Packet and a completion certificate.

This curriculum is available in English and Spanish formats and visuals are available as color slides, color overheads, and Microsoft® PowerPoint® files on CD-ROM. All files are available on the web at http://www.foodsci.purdue.edu. We hope that these training materials provide you with a helpful source of information that can be used as part of your food safety training programs.

If you have any comments or questions regarding this curriculum, please contact:

Dr. Richard Linton, Ph.D.
Department of Food Science
1160 Food Science Building
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1160