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Industrial Associates Members Only


 Industrial Associates Members Only


Thank you for all of your continued support. This group helps Purdue Food Science in so many ways and we hope that our semi-annual meeting brings value to you and your company. We have modified this site so that you can find our "links of interest" quickly. For your HR needs, please review our recruiting time line. And, for your research interests, please see what papers have been released from our Centers.

In the fall meeting, we heard from Suzanne talk about the current state of the department. Following this, there was a very good discussion that, unfortunately, was cut short for lunch. We would like to follow up with any of you that have suggestions or comments on where the department is at – or what direction it is going. Please contact me if you have any further comments or suggestions on the future of the Purdue Food Science.

As a member of the Industrial Associates, we provide the opportunity for a company to present a problem to the graduate students that take our Case Study class. If you have any proposed projects, please contact me so we can review your problem and select the most appropriate project.

Thank you for attending the meeting this past fall. Your involvement keeps us connected to the industry, which in turn, helps us fulfill your company’s needs.

Laurie Swift