Lab Trip to Wea Creek Orchard


To kick start the new school year, the members of Dr. Feng’s lab visited the Wea Creek Orchard in Lafayette, Indiana to come together for the first time after a long summer break. The Wea Creek Orchard had a variety of apples to pick from Golden Delicious to Fuji to Red Jonathans and many more. Also, the lab was fortunate to pick some of the last peaches of the season. And so, each person was off with their bags to pick the best apples. Weaving through the rows of endless apples, the lab mates inspected each tree to find the most perfect apples. As lab mates caught up with one another and took turns posing for picture with the lab mascot, Cinnamon, Dr. Feng’s puppy, the apples began to pile up. Soon enough, the bags and baskets were overflowing with apples, and it was time to weigh our apples. The market at Wea Creek sold an array of canned items including jams, jellies, butters, and preserves. A few members purchased different items and shared with one another for a little taste test of all the delicious flavors. Then to conclude the day in the blistering autumn heat, the lab members gathered around to enjoy cold apple cider slushies. After obtaining deliciously refreshing drinks and months’ supply of apples, the outing was determined a great success and the apples received outstanding reviews all around.  

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