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Brian P Hendrickson

Retired National Food Expert, U.S. Food and Drug Administration with over 30 years experience with FDA as a field investigator, Supervisory investigator and, during the last 16 years of his career, as a National food Expert reporting directly to FDA’s Division of Field Investigations, Office of Regulatory Affairs, FDA Headquarters, Rockville, MD.

Expert knowledge in the processing and packaging of, Low Acid Canned Food and Acidified Food and FDA Food processing regulations under Title 21 CFR Part 113 - Low Acid Canned Foods; Part 123 - Seafood HACCP; and Part 120 - Juice HACCP   and the new Food Safety Modernization Act.  Advises Purdue University Faculty and Staff on FDA regulations pertaining to the processing, packaging, and holding of human and animal food.  Instructor at Purdue’s Better Process Control School.