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Michael Budzik

As the Network Administrator, Mike is responsible for maintaining the Local Area Network as well as the servers used by the Department of Food Science. He also determines short and long term goals for the management and expansion of the departmental network, and is responsible for the design and implementation of new features of the network, and manages the department's web servers. In addition, Mike also oversees the maintenance and installation of the 200 workstations and printers attached to the departmental network, and provides assistance with other computers in the department.

Additionally, Mike acts as the IT lead on several projects within the department including the development of technology based educational tools and the creation of a applications for specific research needs.

Selected Publications

delBusto-Ramos, M., Budzik, M., Corvalan, C. M., Morgan, M. T., Nivens, D. E., Applegate, B. M., & Turco, R. (2008). Development of an online biosensor for in situ monitoring of chlorine dioxide gas disinfection efficacy. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 78(4), 573-580. Retrieved from

Busto-ramos, M. D. D., Budzik, M., Morgan, M. T., & Applegate, B. M. (2007). Development of an Online Biosensor for In-Situ Monitoring of Chlorine Dioxide Gas Disinfection Efficacy. American Society for Microbiology 2007 General Meeting.

Budzik, M. (2004). Disaster Recovery Planning and Network Documentation. National Extension Technology Conference.

Taliaferro, T. M., Applegate Jr, B. M., Han, Y., Paxson, B. N., Budzik, M., Linton, R. H., . . . Applegate, B. M. (2003). Utilization of Bioluminescent Bacterial Strains for Online Evaluation of Bacterial Decontamination Efficacy. ASM Biodefense Research meeting: “Future Directions for Biodefense Research: Development of Countermeasures”.