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Osvaldo H Campanella

Agricultural & Biological Engineering 

  • Professor Ag & Biological Engineering

Department of Food Sciences 

  • Courtesy Professor of Food Sciences

Awards & Honors

(2010) Purdue Faculty Seed for Success Award. Purdue University.

(2012) Research Scholar. Purdue University.

(2012) Best Engineering. College of Engineering.

(2000) Best Engineering Teacher. College of Engineering.

Selected Publications

Demirkesen, I., Kelkar, S., Campanella, O., Sumnu, G., Sahin, S., & Okos, M. (2014). Characterization of structure of gluten-free breads by using X-ray microtomography. Food Hydrocolloids, 36, 37-44. Retrieved from

Kale, M., Hamaker, B., & Campanella, O. (2013). Alkaline extraction conditions determine gelling properties of corn bran arabinoxylans. FOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS, 31(1), 121-126. Retrieved from

Campanella, O., Santos, P. S., & Carignano, M. (2013). Effective attractive range and viscoelasticity of colloidal gels. Soft Matter, 9(3), 709-714. Retrieved from

Patel, B., Campanella, O., & Janaswamy, S. (2013). Impact of urea on the three-dimensional structure, viscoelastic and thermal behavior of iota-carrageenan. Carbohydrate Polymers, 92(2), 1873-1879. Retrieved from

Lee, S., & Campanella, O. (2013). Impulse viscoelastic characterization of wheat flour dough during fermentation. JOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING, 118(3), 266-270. Retrieved from

Janaswamy, S., Gill, K., Campanella, O., & Pinal, R. (2013). Organized polysaccharide fibers as stable drug carriers. Carbohydrate Polymers, 94(1), 209-215. Retrieved from

Dennis, J., Kubal, T., Campanella, O., Son, S., & Pourpoint, T. (2013). Rheological Characterization of Monomethylhydrazine Gels. Journal of Propulsion and Power, 29(2), 313-320. Retrieved from

Yang, Y., Campanella, O., Hamaker, B., Zhang, G., & Gu, Z. (2013). Rheological investigation of alginate chain interactions induced by concentrating calcium cations. Food Hydrocolloids, 30(1), 26-32. Retrieved from