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Owen Griffith Jones

Department of Food Sciences 

  • Assistant Professor of Food Science

Ph.D., Food Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2009
B.S., Food Science & Technology, the Ohio State University, 2005

  • Investigation of physical interactions between food biopolymers, such as milk proteins and fibrous polysaccharides. 
  • Investigations of assembled structures through physical interactions and environmental changes, such as pH, temperature, and dielectric constant. 
  • Development of assembled structures for the purpose of controlled release, textural mimetry, or modulated interactivity within food or pharmaceutical products.  

Awards & Honors

(2013) Agricultural Research Project. Purdue Research Foundation.

(2013) Laboratory Equipment Program Award. Purdue Office of the Vice President for Research.

(2013) Summer Faculty Grant. Purdue Research Foundation.

Selected Publications

Jones, O. G., & McClements, D. J. (2012). Development of colloidal delivery systems for food and pharmaceutical applications based on proteins and polysaccharides. In Nanoarchitectures for solubilization and delivery in food, cosmetic and pharma applications (Vol. 1, pp. 81-111). Lancaster, PA: DEStech.

Jones, O. G., & Mezzenga, R. (2012). Inhibiting, promoting, and preserving stability of functional protein fibrils. Soft Matter, 8(4), 876-895.