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Stephen R Lindemann

Department of Food Sciences 

  • Assistant Professor Food & Nutrition Sci
Nelson Hall of Food Science Room 3215
745 Agriculture Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Foods and Nutrition 

  • Assistant Professor Food & Nutrition Sci

Selected Publications

Ha, P. T., Lindemann, S. R., Shi, L., Dohnalkova, A. C., Fredrickson, J. K., & Beyenal, H. (2017). Syntrophic anaerobic photosynthesis via direct interspecies electron transfer. Nat. Comm, 8, 13924.

Nair, N. R., Rosnow, J. J., Murphree, T. A., Bowden, M. E., Lindemann, S. R., & Wright, A. T. (in press). De novo synthesis of alkyne substituted tryptophan as chemical probes for protein profiling studies. Org. Chem. Front.

Mohamed, A., Ewing, T., Lindemann, S. R., Fredrickson, J. K., & Beyenal, H. (2017). Autonomous device for evaluating the field performance of microbial fuel cells in remote areas. J. Electrochem. Soc, 164(3), H3030-3036.

Bernstein, H. C., Brislawn, C., Renslow, R. S., Dana, K., Morton, B., Lindemann, S. R., . . . Moran, J. J. (in press). Trade-offs between microbiome diversity and productivity in a stratified microbial mat. ISME J.

Renslow, R. S., Lindemann, S. R., & Song, H. S. (2016). A generalized spatial measure for resilience of microbial systems. Front. Microbiol, 7, 443.

Lindemann, S. R., Bernstein, H. C., Song, H. S., Fields, M., Shou, W., Johnson, D. R., . . . Beliaev, A. S. (2016). Engineering microbial consortia for controllable outputs. ISME J, 10, 2077-2084.

Zachara, J. M., Moran, J. J., Resch, C. T., Lindemann, S. R., Felmy, A. R., Bowden, M. E., . . . Fredrickson, J. K. (2016). Geo- and biogeochemical processes in a heliothermal hypersaline lake. Geochim. Cosmochim. Ac, 181, 144-163.

Renslow, R. S., Lindemann, S. R., Cole, J. K., Zhu, Z., & Anderton, C. R. (2016). Quantifying element incorporation in multispecies biofilms using NanoSIMS image analysis. Biointerphases, 11, 02A322.

Nelson, W. C., Maezato, Y., Wu, Y. W., Romine, M. F., & Lindemann, S. R. (2016). Metagenomic sequencing of parallel consortia enables genome reconstruction of rare and closely-related organisms. AEM, 82(1), 255-267.

Song, H. S., Renslow, R. S., Fredrickson, J. K., & Lindemann, S. R. (2015). Integrating ecological and engineering concepts of resilience in microbial communities. Front. Microbiol, 6, 1298.

Department of Food Science, 745 Agriculture Mall Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907, (765) 494-8256

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