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Food Science Tour


 Food Science Tour



Hi, my name's Ashley and I'm a sophomore in Food Science. I’m here to take you on your next stop of the tour. In this building, you’ll find the Food Science Department. It is home to the Food Science Major, Food Manufacturing Operations, and Food Science Honors. After receiving your degree in Food Science, you can work for companies like General Mills, Kellogg’s, and ConAgra. This is the newest building on the Ag campus, and Purdue’s Food Science Program is the youngest department in this college. It is known worldwide for its expertise in aseptic processing, carbohydrate research, and computer integrated manufacturing.

You might stop in at the 9,000 square foot pilot lab where upper level classes allow students to process and package products. It also provides students with hands on experience when they graduate from Food Science.

If you are not a food science major, you can still enjoy taking a beginning dairy class or wine appreciation.

Dr. Phil Nelson, former department head, recently won the World Food Prize, similar to the Nobel Prize, for his research in aseptic processing. With aseptic processing, you can store food without refrigeration. An example is a juice box or a bag in box technology. In aseptic processing, the package and product are sterilized and then put together keeping everything sterile. The product is less cooked compared to canning allowing the flavor, color, and nutrients to be of better quality. In parts of Africa and other places where hunger is a problem, there is little or no refrigeration. Large scale aseptic food preservation can make a difference.

If you visit the building with a college tour guide, you will come across the enology library in the basement. This is where wines have been collected by Dick Vine, who used to taste them for different airlines. The room is chilled just like a wine cellar.

Throughout the school year, students can stop by and take a taste test in our sensory evaluation laboratory. If you enjoy food sensory, you can get on their e-mail contact list, and whenever there is a need for taste testers they will contact you

On the second floor, you will find the Morgan board room. It is a conference room that is state of the art.